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My Two Podcasts

I was interviewed on two podcasts in December, and now they're on the air. Being interviewed is fun, but you have to be prepared and do your homework:

1. Find out what the podcast is about, listen to a few interviews to get a feel for the host and what they're looking for.

2. Some podcast hosts will ask you for a list of questions that you'd like to be asked. That way you're not on the spot and get stage fright on the air.

Think about what you want the listeners to know about your product, to present yourself in the best light and keep the podcast interesting.

3. Remember that you're the guest, not the host. Let the host lead the way, keep your answers light and brief, so that they're part of the conversation.

The host wants you both to look good, so let them do their job.

Both of these podcasts talk about my book, but many of the questions vary and we have a fun time. Give them a listen!

Reading with Your Kids with Jedlie Doherty, aired 01/13/2018 21mins


Darshaun's show, aired 01/18/2018 8mins

Created by: W.O.W Podcast

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